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About Us
Every year, a significant number of Northwestern students search for off-campus housing. However, many students can feel frustrated by the housing search process due to limited and scattered information. Meanwhile, there are plenty of Northwestern students, local landlords, and real estate agents eagerly seeking out renters and subletters.
To solve this problem, we devoted our time and energy to create WildcatPad, an online platform facilitating the exchange of housing information. Our goal is to make the search process simpler and faster for everyone.
For Northwestern students, WildcatPad is a completely free service to post and search for off-campus housing information. WildcatPad just might make finding a Northwestern roommate so easy that you'll never have to post an advertisement around campus ever again!
For local landlords and real estate agents, WildcatPad offers a great opportunity to advertise exclusively towards the Northwestern community. Best of all, posting is free not just for students but also for landlords.
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